Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grinding Ghost

When you throw one coin into the hole, the ghost will work and say money, money, I can do anything for you!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Very special Tai Chi

SETI an hoax?

THEY try to reserve an opinion on whether extraterrestrial life exists. Believing in something without evidence is just as bad as dismissing the possibility without any evidence to the contrary. However, on a personal level THEY would like to believe that we are not alone.

It would really be great if there was intelligent extraterrestrial life that we could compare notes with and share the lessons of our mistakes.

And as there is a project like this and THEY have a pc, that has some sparetime - why not use it to this. After all the time is wasted only when it has not been used at all...

... while some highly doubt that extraterrestrial life exists, THEY run SETI to keep the temperature of their home computer up and to keep a few computers active. THEY do wish SETI would increase the bandwidth and resources availible to the program though...

... other think SETI is VERY important as people need to know the truth, and SETI tries to discover that truth. If SETI doesn't exist, who'd tell the truth. Actually, THEY want to be part of an organization that some day will discover the TRUTH. People need to know the truth and THEY believe THEY can do it if THEY have the opportunity to do it...

... THEY do think that ET's exist! Hopefully we will discover them when we have overcome our problems here on Earth, and finally realize that we must unite as a people, and as a planet. Aliens don't have to be so nice, and who knows if they want to have us a cattle, and the Earth as our field, or if they want to throw down flowers at our feet.

THEY believe it is a dangerous thing to transmit a beacon. Do you get a shark, or a nice little fishy you can put on ice and have for lunch if you want? It's a gamble with no way of knowing the true odds. If we had to send something THEY would have to say the only thing that makes sense is something in the mathematical language, pi and so forth.

SETI@home is an honorable endeavor. Humans are curious, and just the search for anything that is something THEY think keeps many of our hopes up that there is so much more to look forward to and to work for...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Final Battle

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Time Left...

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