Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cisco Default IP (

I've just received a Cisco router 1921.
Opened the box and check for a manual or a CD that would explain what to do configure it, but nothing. As the online documentation from Cisco must be somewhere I've not been looking yet, I had no idea what to do with this box.
I figured it out by connecting my computer to the console port. Using ZTerm for OS X with the following settings:

Bits per sec    :  9600 
Data bits       :     8 
Parity          :  none 
Stop bits       :     1 
Flow control    :  none  

Default user/pass is cisco/cisco
Then pay attention to the procedure to change the password on the welcome message.

So after listing the configuration looks like the default IP for port 0/0 is not anymore as some website suggest, but

So you can directly telnet it to this address, or even use the web admin (if you have Java...).

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