Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Giant memetic war hatching 2

Indulge my virulent interpretation of memetic which is infected by long refinement of hierarchical Europeanism. Memes are studying us in order to learn and evolve. As neural networks and viruses, memes are both learning and predicting at the same time, so YES that's the nub of the complication. Meme terminology didn't invent the underlying physical fatality it relies on. Information in the universe is coded by the local configuration of matter-energy particles. But all shapes aren't able-bodied - some would contravene the principle of conservation of energy. Morphology momentum was here before Dawkins and the replication triggered by his discovery made at the same time as multimedia networks genesis is everything else than a coincidence. There is a BIGGER PLOT!For instance, G()()gle is an easy to study specimen of memetic embodiment in language and truth. But it's already very difficult to embrace it in its whole without using homemade tools. Esoterism, Tarot, Alchemy and Magic could be breeding grounds for developing your own interpreters. They provide a more accurate approximation of chaos pulsation.In "Giant memetic war hatching", my comparison with the arrival of a new religion was desperately chronologic. I've been using chronology to discern a dangerous discrepancy in nowadays population. What happened 60 years ago was initiated with just a minor one. Fascisms and media cleavages were a result of geographical isolation. But now the generational separation is so huge - authoritarian radio-jackals coping with irresponsible net-junkies - it's comparable with the emergences of language articulation - archetypes - logic - truth - tragedy - poetry.The fault line has never been so wide and could explain why we are bristling with worst case scenarios. So it doesn't appear such a pitfall to me to look at the apocalyptic predictions of religious texts. Always written in media contrasted ages, they are just so close to what we're actually going through.

I've just recovered from a rash over my arms and the flu I caught in Thailand, no joke··· My mind is still stocked by subtle fever. I admit I have difficulties to focus enough to go back where I was when I wrote this post. This is serious shite···

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