Friday, April 14, 2006

UCdao - the most advanced virtual props trading platform

The purpose of UCdao

UCdao is a Shanghai based company using the most advanced trading concepts, to build the most intelligent transaction platform for the trading of game players, while maintaining the best gaming experience.

UCdao’s transactions idea – fair trade, no distance, zero risk

Transactions’ symmetry is fundamental for a fair business and the key lies in finding the best price adjustment to achieve.
The rapidity of the transaction is increased thanks to distance optimization; both from virtual aspect via the use of cutting edge technologies and from social aspect via massive local recruitment within the People's Republic of China.
Zero risk strategy is obtained by enabling secure transactions thanks to a swarm of lawyers experienced in Chinese special economic zone’s law.

UCdao’s platform edge

The virtual world is the best trading platform for equities and foreign exchange trading services. UCdao’s global platform reacts like a very volatile stock market. The trading of everything is arranged and clearly ordered. One can just click to complete his sale in compliance with its Directive. In UCdao’s platform you can easily find the best price, but also can be used by others at the same time to complete a transaction.

Zero differential, zero risk, no distance are UCdao’s advantages.

UCdao’s services

Their smart platform is combined with a great care and human services that never rests; they have a large number of well-trained kids in the gaming business to provide players with 24-hour personal service.

UCdao’s management

Their motto: “Smart platforms need smart people”. UCdao’s teams have extensive overseas and domestic experience. Coming from both professionals and personal interest in the virtual industry, they are made of mature market’s elite.

UCdao’s target

They want to let smart platform get smarter and attract more intelligent players with the most intelligent transaction services.

Road games virtuous circle

Seems pretty obvious, utopist, but that’s what most of our actual systems are lacking off, straightforwardness!
So who’s till thinking about it? This is hacking!
How world’s economy needs to be revamp to reflect what a lot of people really want?
For now this is mostly centered on Chinese speaking folks, but the “gold farming” issue seems to be an introduction to the potential of their understanding of economy – the potential energy lying in-between our two economical realities.
But cultural “desynchronization” isn’t the only explanation of this “unnecessary complication”; it’s also related to the insane complexity of what millions of freshly addicted computer freaks can achieved if they are intelligently interconnected.
In People's Republic of China there is a real awareness of the infectious potential of Internet - the TCP/IP replicator.
Where we still see a fantasy coming out of Jame Cameron’s best nightmares, China seriously, socially, see a real threat to its vital information’s sphere.


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