Sunday, October 15, 2006

CHINA AGROTECH won top award!!!!

In July 2006, with the cooperation of all groups in the farming industry, “China agricultural capital goods magazine” organized awards for China's top ten agricultural resources Innovations figures and for China's most valuable agricultural resources brands.

For some selected activities, in accordance with open and impartial principles, and after recommendation of experts and of the agricultural associations in competition, a Board of Directors of the Company chaired by Wu Shao Ning successfully elected China Agrotech as China's most innovative agricultural company.

October 13, the stock listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (1073.HK), took 30 percents in one day!

In October 22, the second roundtable of China's agricultural resources leaders’ forum will be held in Beijing. It will hold a grand ceremony with a presentation of the winners to the principal leaders of the National Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperation.

China Agrotech(1073) broke balance Equal-string 10, are reported to 0.83 Hong Kong dollars,10 rose 2.47% Thursday, October 26 :00 update Corporation [brain] Hong Kong on October 25-Hollen Agricultural Science (1073) (1073.HK-news-company information) just broke 10 scales are reported 0.83 average price HK compared with the previous close of 0.81 Hong Kong dollars, the total volume is 16,000 shares rose 2.47%, turnover 12960 Hong Kong dollars, the highest price today 0.81, the lowest price of 0.91 0.81.52 week.the lowest 0.23.Coupon 3.404%.MA0.548 MA0.817.50 day for 10 days...
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