Saturday, June 16, 2007

Michael Tsarion

I like this dude but he is making mistakes. Because I like him I hope he is going to read this, or at least someone is going to point it out for him as this is a really remote part of the web.
Generally speaking Tsarion is a nice person with a sharp and curious mind. His vigorous intellect enables him to speak for hours; sometime even repeating the same things; without letting his audience down. Listening to him is like reading a condense story of all the stories. He has the really seducing reflex to push you to research on your own; DO YOUR HOMEWORK; like in the finance industry. But sometimes he isn’t applying his precepts. It fairly easy to find that people who do read Egyptian hieroglyphs can easily break down Tsarion’s visual materials.

For instance, his apache helicopter material is WRONG. Supposedly these high tech civilizations which have been destroyed with the explosion of Tiamat and the flood were using such techs. But hey, what’s the point of having helis when you grasped portal and antimatter traveling and all shits of this kind.
If he was really doing his homework he would have noticed this:

The bas-relief has been eroded!
See this thread here

Appart from that he is right speaking about children and African poverty (annual army budget = 300 years of funding of every humanitarian org), zombie consumerist etc kind of straightforward points in our times. His fear of technology comes from the 50's and early 60's, when nuclear paranoia was at its prime. Now we have HAARP and MC… And this dude does like to update his theories.
So now I’m wondering what would be a stronger, more accurate version of Tsarion. As his actual form is already something really potent, what is updated version is going to look like?

A more powerful theory would be that the elite are wise enough to make us imagine we do have a common enemy at work from extraterrestrial nature. It makes us feel all the same and fighting against something really toxic all united under the same flag.

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