Friday, September 07, 2007

Robot Dolphins to treat Retard Humans

Animatronic dolphins are used to replace the costy and controversial real mammals supposed to have this unexplainable connection with sociopaths, new age honkies and ex-meths addicts. The substitute is a complex machine that looks, feels, sounds, and moves like a real dolphin.
Animal Makers, a company based in California, is stepping into this juicy business and will produce 10.000 units before Quarter 2008.
Dr. David Nathanson will be their first client. He claims to have already cured thousand of kids. By helping them to develop a new and better way to reinforce their rehabilitation into the real world.
Also future models, more cost effective, could help people at their home, in their swimming pool. Instead of requiring people to travel to the dolphins they could just buy it at the closest Wal-Mart.

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